100 All-Time Favorite Movies by Jürgen Müller
100 All-Time Favorite Movies by Jürgen Müller

100 All-Time Favorite Movies

by Jürgen Müller
This title covers your favorite flicks. This is our choice of must-see masterpieces. They say that in life, there are winners and there are losers. Though the movies we selected for this two-volume collection are winners indeed, those that didn't make the cut aren't losers. We just didn't like them quite as much. It was a tough, soul-searching process, but after much debate and deliberation Taschen settled on what we believe to be the 100 finest examples of 20th century filmmaking. From horror to romance, noir to slapstick, adventure to tragedy, epic to musical, western to new wave, all genres are represented in this wide-ranging and devilishly fun compendium. "Metropolis"? Check. "Modern Times"? Yep. "Citizen Kane", "The Seven Samurai"? Of course. "La dolce vita", "Psycho", "A Clockwork Orange"? You bet. Plus "The Godfather", "Annie Hall", "Blue Velvet", "Pulp Fiction"...and so many more cinematic gems including lesser-known masterpieces like Bunuel's "The Young and the Damned". Think of this collection as a celebration of contrasts, an homage to the seventh art, a gathering of greats, and a nostalgic romp through celluloid history.
Chronological entries each include a synopsis, cast/crew listings, technical information, actor/director bios, trivia, and lists of awards, as well as film stills, production photos, and the original poster for each film. The chapter for each decade begins with an introduction exploring the historical and social context of films made in that era.
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