127 Hours
by Aron Ralston
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hermia's Review

hermiahermia wrote a review
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So much more than the film
I was fascinated by Aron's story so I bought the book and want to know how he describes from his own personal experience. It turned out that he writes about a lot of his trips before the accident - he could have died a thousand times because he just likes thrills and excitement. He is touched by Chris McCandless's story. Me too! So I feel like I've struck a chord with Aron and I feel I can totally relate to his experiences.

What I didn't expect is that I cried again reading the part about his mum. Gosh I've changed to becoming a mellow person now. When I was alone in a foreign land, I always remind myself of Aron's story and I keep telling myself to stay safe. I've changed. Not the person who just wants to seek exitement anymore.

English is my second language and his writing is a little bit hard for me to follow.