by George Orwell
The year 1984 is finally upon us, and George Orwell's prophetic, nightmare vision in 1984 of the world we were becoming is timelier than ever. 1984 is still the great modern classic of "Negative Utopia" - a startling original and powerful novel that creates and imaginary world that is ... More

Shayleene's Review

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Rating: 3.5/5 stars

It was fascinatingly creepy learning bit by bit the world described by Orwell. A sick, degenerated reality that seems just like the perfect setting for a dystopian novel, but that in truth disturbingly has got some common points with the world we live in.
Mental manipulation, centralized power, constant control, suppressed social classes... do they remind you of something?
It was as if Orwell had already foreseen the future, or simply understood the human nature.

Of course it wasn't an easy read nor a light one, because stopping to reflect is simply inevitable and sometimes even confusing, but it's without any doubt a book that everybody should read. It really makes you become more open-minded and critical towards what surrounds you.
Secondly, it was one of the few books I enjoyed even if they were mostly descriptive (particularly in the first part). But it was really intriguing witnessing that distressing society through the eyes of an oblivious rebel, how he came to the point that he saw himself as crazy because he couldn't even discern between his real memories and what the government claimed was The Truth.

The only part I had some struggles with was the one in the middle: it consists in three chapters of the book circulating among the political opponents and is totally theoretical, exactly like a textbook.