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Slightly disappointed
I just finished this book and I am a little perplexed. I don't actually know whether I liked it or not - I would say I did, but I sense there was something missing all along. I could not fail to recognise Murakami's peculiar style, his own way of connecting threads little by little - but most of the time I was expecting every turn in the story, every piece of revelation, so there never was for me any such thing as an epiphany, as I usually have when reading Murakami's books. That moment when everything fits into place and you stare blankly at the page in utter wonder never came. I was able to predict the plot too widely. Plus, the end didn't sound very convincing to me - I got the feeling of an actually forced happy ending. Maybe if Tengo and Aomame were caught by Sakigake in their escape/return to 1984 and had, say, been killed after refusing to accept their terms, it would've been much more convincing, though maddening (I mean, after 1187 pages you start to take it a little bit personal about main characters' death). I wish George Martin could make Murakami reason about it. Anyway, I found the finale very weak. It is a very strong and magical story full of enigmas, but at some point it becomes really predictable and repetitive. Moreover, I was sort of annoyed by the continuous descriptions of sexual intercourses, penises and vaginas. I mean, that's customary for Murakami but here it is definitely a little bit TOO exasperated.
In short, I would give '1Q84' 3 stars: I enjoyed the story and I really liked some characters along with their personal backgrounds (Tamaru was my favourite). I actually ATE the book up in a very short time and that's unquestionably a good sign. Nonetheless, I didn't like how Murakami developed the story - too much useless stuff, too many frames and backgrounds and repetitions, and an ending which doesn't seem very natural. I know that he can do far better than this.
I must also say that the title unnerves me too: how is it supposed to be read? "One-thousand-Q-eightyfour"? Or "one-Q-eight-four"? Please, let's discuss this! :)
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