B. Krigstein by Marie Severin, B. Krigstein, Bernard Krigstein
B. Krigstein by Marie Severin, B. Krigstein, Bernard Krigstein

B. Krigstein

by Marie Severin, B. Krigstein, Bernard Krigstein
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The definitive (and first) collection of B. Krigstein's comics.

Following last year's critically and commercially successful biography/art book, B. Krigstein, is this companion volume, a full-color collection of 36 complete stories, representing the best work throughout the career of the most innovative comic book artist of his generation. Never before has the evolution of a comics artist been so extensively presented; B. Krigstein: Comics is the ultimate testament to the commitment and technical mastery that Bernard Krigstein brought to bear in his attempt to legitimize a then-ridiculed medium.

Editor Greg Sadowski has selected and restored 36 stories from 1949-56, tracing Krigstein's respective tenures at the publishers Rae Herman, Hillman, Atlas, DC, and EC. The meticulous restoration is of particular note because, unlike the superficially slick four-color comics of today, ten-cent comics of the '40s and '50s were notorious for their poor color registration, cheap paper, and shoddy printing, all of which worked against Krigstein's complex design and subtle draftsmanship. Here, for the first time, his artistry is not compromised by inadequate production methods: every panel of every story has been painstakingly cleaned and color-corrected. Smothered for generations, Krigstein's compositions are finally presented in the same spirit as he originally conceived them. Fifteen stories, culled from every stage of his career, have been entirely recolored for this volume by Marie Severin, widely regarded as one of the most accomplished color artists in the history of the medium, who colored Krigstein's work at EC in the '50s.

Most of this work has been out of print and unavailable for nearly five decades, and will be a revelation to those who know Krigstein solely from his celebrated and justly famous work at EC.

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