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According to the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter--the world's only totally reliable guide to the future--the world will end on a Saturday.  Next Saturday, in fact.  Just after tea...

From the Pape
Marco "Cecil...
Ha scritto il 03/01/16

An amazing version of this fantastic story. The right voices for the right characters, brilliant sound effects and a great dramatisation. Perfect for long drives.

Matteo Bortolotti
Ha scritto il 06/10/15
I don't know, I should write something about it, but I feel that it will never be enough, it will never show exactly how good it is, and why. Let's just say that this book takes the best in Pratchett's writing, the best in Gaiman's, and even add some...Continua
Ha scritto il 20/05/14
Hell's Bells!
It is the end of the world as we know it, or rather as Gaiman and Pratchett know it. Gaiman seems to handle the horror side of things while Pratchett handles the ironic humour and the kids. I was slightly disappointed by Good Omens: I did not realize...Continua
Ha scritto il 18/01/14

Bellissimo, divertentissimo ed anche ricco di spunti di riflessione. Condigliatissimo!

Ha scritto il 09/12/13
I had high expectations for this book, and they have been more than confirmed, I would say that I liked it even more than I imagined! As Clive Barker said, the Apocalypse has never been funnier! And this book is really fun, and exciting, and brillian...Continua

Ha scritto il Aug 10, 2010, 21:46
"Anyway, if you stopped tellin' people it's all sorted out after they're dead, they might try sorting it all out while they're alive (...)."
Pag. 363
Ha scritto il Aug 10, 2010, 21:44
"Wud he be harder to get rid of than, say, a demon?" asked Shadwell, who had begun to brighten. "Not much more," said Aziraphale, who had never done other to get rid of demons than to hint to them very strongly that he, Aziraphale, had some work to b...Continua
Pag. 298
Ha scritto il Aug 10, 2010, 21:42
On the top of the pile a rather large octopus waved a languid tentacle at them. The sergeant resisted the temptation to wave back.
Pag. 291
Ha scritto il Aug 10, 2010, 21:42
Over the years a huge number of theological manhours have been spent debating the famous question: How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin? In order to arrive at an answer, the following facts must be taken into consideration: Firstly, angels...Continua
Pag. 256
Ha scritto il Aug 03, 2010, 23:33
NOTE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AND AMERICANS: One Shilling = Five Pee. It helps to understand the antique finances of the Wichfinder Army if you know the original British monetary system: Two farthings = One Ha'penny. Two ha'pennies = One Penny. Three pennies...Continua
Pag. 198

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