Moby Dick

Or the Whale (Konemann Classics)

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A novel that explores the darkest depths and brightest hopes in the souls of men, Moby-Dick is an impassioned drama of the ultimate human struggle that the Atlantic Monthly called "the greatest of American novels."
Ha scritto il 29/01/17
DNF at page 107/580 Believe me when I say that I tried going on, but it was just... impossible for me. Descriptions that lasted at least one entire page when you are lucky (and you know what? I'm almost NEVER lucky), stories into the story everywhere...Continua
Daniele Gentili
Ha scritto il 28/03/16
Una delle storie più celebri, se non fondanti, di tutta la letteratura consta di una sessantina di pagine, anche se il libro che la contiene supera le seicento. È un’esagerazione, certo, ma utile per dire che Moby-Dick non è affatto il libro di avven...Continua
downisthenewup -...
Ha scritto il 18/02/16

Amo questo romanzo e lo avrei amato ancor di più se non fosse stato per il trattato di cetologia che esso contiene.

Me, My Shelf and I
Ha scritto il 10/08/15

Non riesco a fare pace col fatto che non mi sia piaciuto come mi aspettavo, mi sento "sbagliata".

Ha scritto il 30/06/15
It's been sixteen years since I first read Moby Dick and in the meantime I've gone back and forth reading it at least half a dozen times, in various translations and in the original. It always fascinated me, I was never quite sure why. Yes, it is a p...Continua

míol mór:...
Ha scritto il Jan 12, 2011, 22:33
Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian.
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Ha scritto il Aug 14, 2010, 20:23
EXTRACTS (Supplied by a Sub-Sub-Librarian) It will be seen that this mere painstaking burrower and grub-worm of a poor devil of a Sub-Sub appears to have gone through the long Vaticans and street-stalls of the earth, picking up whatever random allu...Continua
Ha scritto il Aug 14, 2010, 20:16
But wherefore it was that after having repeatedly smelt the sea as a merchant sailor, I should now take it into my head to go on a whaling voyage; this the invisible police officer of the Fates, who has the constant surveillance of me, and secretly d...Continua
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Ha scritto il Aug 14, 2010, 20:10
Now, when I say that I am in the habit of going to sea whenever I begin to grow hazy about the eyes, and begin to be over conscious of my lungs, I do not mean to have it inferred that I ever go to sea as a passenger. For to go as a passenger you must...Continua
Pag. 5
Ha scritto il Aug 14, 2010, 20:07
Call me Ishmael. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of dri...Continua
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