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Nothing in Japanese literature prepares us for the stark, tension-filled, plot-driven realism of Natsuo Kirino’s award-winning literary mystery Out.This mesmerizing novel tells the story of a brutal murder in the staid Tokyo suburbs, as a young mothe ...Continua
小書蟲 IVY
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全書差不多500頁還沒過100頁的時候已經分屍完了(抖抖抖)。 看完後原本一直很不解為什麼佐竹覺得雅子和他是一樣的人,明明佐竹是個王八蛋大變態他經營酒家又開賭場還姦殺過人,他做過的壞勾當不是一般百姓可以想像的啊,但雅子只是一介在便當工廠上夜班的中年婦女。她怎麼會和佐竹是一樣的人呢? 看完全書後回想起前100頁的劇情:雅子是不求代價自願幫忙彌生處理先生的屍體…正常人會有這種想法嗎,再怎樣也要拿個幾百萬吧!(咦?) 總而言之雅子和佐竹真的是一樣的一樣的啊好可怕啊! 但為了錢人究竟能做出多令人難以豈齒...Continua
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Being an Italian mothertongue, it was really hard reading it in English, not that I don't understand the language - I've already quite few books under my belt. So, my main issue that I want to adress here is about the literal translation and believe...Continua
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L'ho trovato veramente bello, e sicuramente "forte". Ma quello che mi ha scioccato di più non sono i dettagli sul sezionamento del cadavere, quanto la società giapponese. Innanzitutto l'alienazione regna sovrana, tra i personaggi del libro, per quant...Continua
Chloe Ho
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Extremly thrilling !! The writer made excellent con in character portrayal. The book is not about justice or humanity, it's about how desperation can turn your life upside down. May a person really cross the line when he/she is devastated ?? Read it...Continua

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Non si può vivere senza fidarsi di nessuno. Perché significherebbe non fidarsi neppure di se stessi.
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