The Selection

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Thirty-five beautiful girls. Thirty-five beautiful rivals…It’s the chance of a lifetime and 17-year-old America Singer should feel lucky. She has been chosen for The Selection, a reality TV lottery in which the special few compete for gorgeous Prince ...Continua

Si tratta di una lettura leggera, io lo consiglierei principalmente a ragazze intorno ai 12-13 anni. La storia in sé non è male, anzi, è una bella idea. Peccato per lo stile di scrittura a volte un po' fuori luogo.

《決戰王妃》 這是個充滿心機、曖眛、無法預測的世界
開始看了才知道這是一本西方愛情小說。“愛情小說”貌似就可以解釋完一切了… 故事的背景是一個國家,以階級分地位。女主角屬於第五階級,算是貧窮一族了,她是一位表演者。而她偷偷愛著的男生属于第六階級,不同階級的人可以結婚,但是似乎會受到很多考驗,所以他們的愛情总是“偷偷的”。 然後這個國家的王子終於到了娶妃的時候,他們的規定是會找一個平民女子,为了巩固民心吧。怎樣找呢?就是競選。 邀請 -> 交表格 -> 篩選35名 -> 暫時搬進王宮 -> 與王子接觸,約會什麼的,不喜歡的王子就會把她們剔除,当然最...Continua
The selection
以前學生時代流行讀珍愛小說,這本書呢就有點像王爺系列一樣,女主角的身分通常是普通,外表漂亮總不是裏頭最漂亮的...但總是有些與眾不同的特質而能得到王子的青睞。 女主角-亞美利加,她是個勇敢追求真愛而不被社會價值觀影響的人,不怕被降階寧願與她的男友艾斯本而願意參加王妃競選...但也因為艾斯本的放棄,她死心了;但為了她的家人她願意繼續待在皇宮,可想她心裡承受了多少的苦悶...這時麥克森王子的出現也成為她在皇宮的支柱,兩者的關係從好朋友產生了化學變化的情愫....這時艾斯本的出現不知道會對這剛萌芽的感...Continua
Wrote 6/15/14
I read this book in original language with my e-book reader. It was amazing because the dictionary inside of it translated every word I didn't know. I really loved this book, the story, the characters, especially America. It deservs five stars becaus...Continua
Wrote 6/2/14
The Selection by Kiera Cass
MY REVIEW I enjoyed reading this book but was really miffed with the ending....I wanted to know and read more! The book reminded me a little of Matched by Ally Condie though I can't put my finger on exactly why. I enjoyed the whole love triangle, tho...Continua

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