Agates III by Johann Zenz
Agates III by Johann Zenz

Agates III

by Johann Zenz
The first detailed publication ever on worldwide jasper locations - Wonderful jaspers from the world famous Hans Gamma Collection · World-class jaspers from Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, California and many other US locations · Gorgeous new jaspers from Indonesia · Famous old European jaspers · Colorful jaspers from South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Madagascar · Beautiful Russian jaspers from the Ural Mountains · Variegated Jaspers from Australia · Jasper boxes from the unique collection of Anton Ulrich, Duke of Saxony-Coburg-Meiningen, etc.
Jens Götze (TU Bergakademie Freiberg/Saxony): The SiO2-system and the definition of agate · Geological occurrences and age of agates · Mineralogy and microstructure of agates · Nomenclature of microcrystalline SiO2 phases · Distribution of SiO2 phases in agates · Microstructure of agates · Agate banding · The formation of the microstructure in agates · The nature of chalcedony „fibres„ · Uncommon features and structures in agates · The colour of agates · Structural defects in chalcedony and agate · Trace elements in agate · Water in agate · Luminescence studies · Paragenetic minerals in agates · Carbonate minerals in agate · Fe-oxides/-hydroxides in agates · Temperature of agate formation · Fluid inclusion studies Oxygen isotopes · The Al-„thermometer„ · Formation of agates in volcanic rocks · The formation of cavities · Sources of SiO2 and transport of silica · Formation of volcanic agates - a model · Vein agates · Agates in sedimentary rocks · Agate formation due to organic processes.
Update on new and old worldwide agate locations · Rare agates from Saxony and Thuringia in Germany · New Indonesian agates · Scottish agate locations update (Lord John Cromartie) · Agates from Agate Creek, Australia (Nick Crawford) · The best agates from Ploczki, Poland.
Another more than 60 top agate, jasper and petrified wood collectors from all over the world showing their excellent collections.
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