Baby Love
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Rachael Hale's luminous four-colour photography captures the essence of babies napping, laughing, and mugging for the camera. Whether the babies are splashing happily in the bath, dozing on the sofa, or gazing at the camera with wide-eyed rapture, Hale's images focus on the infants themselves, and h... More

SeanaMO's Review

SeanaMOSeanaMO wrote a review
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I just love Rachael Hale's photography. Whether it's her more typical animal subject matter or the infants in her newest book, Baby Love, she finds a way to capture those magical moments on camera. The clean design that is the hallmark of Hale's photography books - striking uncluttered images, simple fonts for the connected text - make them great coffee table books. It's easy pick this one up and flip to any page for a quick peak, but I'll warn you, you will soon find yourself flipping through all the adorable faces. From pensive to slumbering, curious to joyful, these babies will having you grinning in no time.

My personal favorites:
p. 21 - being a bit camera-shy myself, I feel a certain kinship with Samuel
p. 27 - Amelia, very up close and personal. I defy you not to smile.
p. 60-61 - Sebastian delighted by his own reflection
p. 68-69 - There's something almost haunting about this series of Rebecca. Quite possible the most beautiful baby pictures I've ever seen.
p. 96 - Kingston, well Kingston's bum and toes. With the accompanying "Little Piggy" rhyme, it's just perfect.
p. 117 - Mclane has such big eyes and pouty lips. Just a great face.
p. 125 - I can't see this picture of Max without cracking up. He reminds me of a mini Danny Devito.
p. 151 - Just a beautifully composed picture of Trevor's feet