Borkmann's Point
by Hakan Nesser
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Borkmann's rule was hardly a rule; in fact, it was more of a comment, a landmark for tricky cases ...In every investigation, he maintained, there comes a point beyond which we don't really need any more information. When we reach that point, we already know enough to solve the case by means of nothi... More

Elio's Review

ElioElio wrote a review
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“Borkman’s Point,” by Hakan Nesser, was originally written in 1993 and was published in English in 2006 (not still available in Italian). It’s the second episode of the series starring Chief Inspector Van Veeteren.
In this book, Van Veeteren is involved to help catch a serial murderer called The Axman, since an axe is the weapon chosen by the killer. It’s very much a police procedural book in which there isn’t much action although there is a lot of suspense about what is going to happen next. You read of cops talking to people, follow clues, and discuss what they’ve got so far. The plot, full of red herrings, guides you to a lot of possible solution even if the real one is astonishing. Nesser is great at misdirection. A good plot not completely original though (if you’re a fan of McBain, you would probably know what I mean).
Not the best chapter of the series but, still, a good choice.
Three stars and a half.