Born to Run
by Christopher McDougall

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The most interesting information and knowledge I have gained from reading this book include:

(1) expensive shoes may induce more injuries and the safest may be just to run barefoot ; and

(2) human beings dominate the world because we were able to run longer distance than other species (including deers or Neanderthals). One of the reasons is that we are capable of releasing heat through perspiration whereas the other mammals can't and therefore a deer (for example) may not stop after long distance which allows us to catch them.

At the beginning of reading this book, the Tarahumara guys seem much better than anybody else in terms of running but at the end, we realize that we can be like them, especially after training. I have learnt quite a bit about evolution, anthropology and physiology and it has opened my horizon in this topic. There are quite a lot of diversions because the final actual race took place. It is during these diversions that we have learnt a lot about running and ourselves (homo sapiens).

The book doesn't seem to like to stress upon the exact time but the race (the 1st race in Copper Canyon) described seems to happen in 2006. Reading to the end of the book, I even got sentimental and felt sad that the runners have had to part their way after the race finished. There was considerable mutual admiration among the runners as well as the people in Urique and around. It is a surprisingly good read.

The book uses a lot of slangs but I think I caught a typo: on p.185 (3rd line), "the first the time I met him" should be "the first time I met him".