Chock doktrinen
by Naomi Klein

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Well, this book again, make me think that, maybe I should not read any books written by reporters unless it is news stories.

Naomi is very careful and deligently trying to make sense on what happened on so many developing countries. But unfortunately fall into just another conspiracy theory.

The chapters on Latin America is eye-opening for an Asian like me. I never know the details on how the USA manipulate latin America. But, the chapter on China show me that, Naomi has not much idea on what happened in China. And linking F Friedman to June 4 massacare.... well.... is a "flatter" to Friedman.

Who do Friedman think he is? He is just an "old friend" of China. The Chinese government listen a bit of those Western economists' idea, and Friedman is just one of them.

Obviously, the China government very wisely did not adopt Friedman's ideas at all. So China end up to be SOOOOOO prosporus economically (compare China who goes her own way, with the poor Russia who follow Freidman's ideas........ such a HUGE difference)!

I don't believe in conspiracy theory. CIA and Friedman are not so smart, able to secretely plot so many things and manipulate the whole world as they wish.

It is just the aggregate effects of many factors, or, a global historical trend. When you look at the trend, the trend looks like an intelligent animal, so, it must be some people / organization behind this trend!

But I don't think so.

This is just the another trends when the river of history flow up to contemporary world.

BarribartoBarribarto wrote a review
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Without a story,we are, as many of us were after September 11,intensely vulnerable to those people who are ready to take advantage of the chaos for their own ends.As soon as we have a new narrative that offers a perspective on the shocking events, we become reoriented and the world begins to make sense once again. ( Naomy Klein, The Doctrine Shock )
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