Command Influence by Robert A. Shaines
Command Influence by Robert A. Shaines

Command Influence

A Story of Korea and the Politics of Injustice
by Robert A. Shaines
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A true story that reads like a novel set in war torn South Korea. This book reflects the best and the worst of our military and shows how political motives can impact those in command of the military. It exemplifies the expendability of the rank and file to advance the careers of the powerful.
This compelling story of Lt. George C. Schreiber’s encounter with the military legal system during the Korean War provides a penetrating look into a lamentable time when politics, bias and personal opinion combined in the form of command influence to subvert justice.
Schreiber, by all accounts a fine young man and an exemplary officer, was caught in a web when he was charged with the premeditated murder of a Korean civilian and found guilty by court martial. robert Shaines, then a relatively inexperienced young Air Force JAG officer, was unable, despite his best efforts, to prevent his client from being victimized, leaving his life in ruins.
Now, more than 50 years later, after long reflection and with the experience, knowledge and maturity gained through a distinguished career as a practicing attorney, Shaines recounts the entire episode with clarity, insight and objectivity.
Shaines’ meticulously researched, thoroughly documented firsthand account provides a eye-opening look into the wholesale problems that permeated the military justice system at that time, and even exposes senior officers who, sometimes as a result of incompetence and often for purposes of personal gain, allowed them to go unchecked.
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