Every Seventh Wave
by Daniel Glattauer, Jamie Bulloch
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Have you ever just clicked with someone? Emmi and Leo met, fell in love and broke up via e-mail. After a year of silence, they find themselves in contact once more. Yet Emmi is still married to Bernhard, and Leo is just back from Boston with Pamela, his American girlfriend. As t... More

olivia's Review

oliviaolivia wrote a review
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Not as good as the prequel, but nice closure to the story
The email format continues in this sequel Every Seventh Wave, which picks up right from where it left off at the end of Love Virtually, with Leo being back in Germany and the two starting to emailing one another again. I was first puzzled by the seemingly unrelated title of Every Seventh Wave to its prequel, but as I read I understand this is a fitting little story shared between Emmi and Leo which essentially says that the first six waves are calm and evenly spaced, but the seventh one is the unpredictable one which occasionally breaks free. Quite a romantic little story.

I personally felt the emails in Every Seventh Wave are not quite as brilliant as in Love Virtually; there are somewhat less "fireworks" going on between Emmi and Leo (perhaps rightly so given how much they'd gone through during the "Love Virtually" journey). Nonetheless this was an enjoyable read and gave the readers a solid, satisfactory closure to the story.