Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell
Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell


by Bernard Cornwell
In The Winter King and Enemy of God, Bernard Cornwell took the beloved legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and made it fresh and new for our time. Now, in this riveting final installment of his extraordinary trilogy, Mr. Cornwell relates how King Arthur and his warriors battle their Saxon enemies, allied with Lancelot, for the throne of all Britain.

Excalibur is a monumental story of love and war. Betrayed by his true love, Guinevere, Arthur must face his enemies -- who were once his friends -- in final, mortal combat. He must also face his most daunting challenge of all. Merlin has made a terrible pact with Mordred, Arthur's sworn enemy, to summon the gods and the power the gods possess. Arthur's success at stopping them, even his survival, is anything but certain. But winning when all seems lost is what makes Arthur a hero.

Stunningly written and peopled with the familiar characters of legend -- and brilliantly narrated by Tim Pigott-Smith -- Excalibur is a fitting and immensely powerful conclusion to one of the greatest-ever retellings of the Arthurian saga.
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Nov 9, 1998


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