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Although the Devil's star does not raise me too much impression but the Snowman which I found that Jo Nesbo's writing skills and the way he tells a suspicious fiction advanced a lot! He really nailed it and caught the readers’ full attention on Harry Hole's series. Jo Nebo really surprised me and re-raised my admiration for his works after I finished reading The Snowman.

But I can't understand Taiwanese publisher's logic. They published the Snowman in traditional Chinese version right after The Devil's star but skips The Redeemer!!

While reading The Snowman in Chinese version, I found that two of my favorite characters no longer existed in continuous series. It killed me and made me eager to know what exactly happened to them between The Snowman and the Devil's Star. And why on earth the Taiwanese publisher skips The Redeemer? Out of great eager to find out what happened to those two characters, I booked The Redeemer online and waited for over 3 weeks transportation from UK; I finally got closer to the truth of Halvorsen and the boss. Then I started to read the crime fiction in English for the first time.

If there is no necessary I always avoid to read in English. But Jo Nesbo's work piece really forces me to make exceptions! Even if reading The Redeemer in English, I still can sense more and more tension shown in plots and sometimes so I am addicted deeply into the plot twists that Jo Nesbo played with. It seems that Jo Nesbo is showing off his writing technique by putting so many twist plot in the story. And I am not shame to admit that I totally felt for it.

Just when I finished the chapter 34 and thought the whole story was about to come to the end and the truth of Halvorsen's death had had resolved. Then Jo Nesbo threw another bomb in the final chapter to reverse the unsolved smuggling case throughout the previous Harry Hole series in Oslo.

Jo Nesbo really knows how to tell a suspicious fiction intensively absorbing readers' attention. The redeemer is my favorite Harry Hole series by far, and now I am totally obsessed with Harry Hole's series and Jo Nesbo's fascinating work pieces.