Gideon's Sword
by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
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At age 12, Gideon Crew witnessed the brutal murder of his father.

Bradley S. Hartman's Review

Bradley S. HartmanBradley S. Hartman wrote a review
As usual, the team of Preston & Child, WOW their readers
When the cover of a book has the names Preston & Child on it, you know you are in for a great story. There is always that strange curiosity that comes however, no matter who the author is, when a new character or series is introduced. Can they top themselves?, comes to mind. In this case, Gideon Crew is one of those that triumphs. He is young, energetic, unpredictable who takes challenges on like a bull against a matador. No qualms, no real plan, just action, logic and heart. Of course it doesn't hurt that he has the greatest motivator to take chances any person could have, which you will have to read the book to find out what it is. Through the disgrace of his father, when Gideon was a child to his adult life, he is a true loner, no friends, no lovers, just revenge. When the day comes that his revenge is complete, Gideon decides to taste what the other side of life has to offer, only to find out that sometimes 'Too late, is actually, too late'. A high suspense action/adventure that will keep you turning pages so fast smoke will wisp from the paper, bringing an end to a tale you wish wouldn't.