Gods without Men by Hari Kunzru
Gods without Men by Hari Kunzru
Gods without Men by Hari Kunzru
Gods without Men by Hari Kunzru

Gods without Men

by Hari Kunzru
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In "Gods Without Men" Hari Kunzru, the award-winning author of "The Impressionist" and "My Revolutions" takes you on a trip to the Mojave Desert, where things are not always what they seem...A small, autistic child goes missing. A British rock star goes quietly mad. An alien-worshipping cult is born. An Iraqi teenager takes part in a war game. In a remote town, near a rock formation known as The Pinnacles, lives intertwine, stories entangle and echo, and the search for meaning, pattern and connection in a dying universe continues. ""Gods Without Men" is a dazed, erudite and unforgettable novel". (David Mitchell). "Extraordinary, smart, innovative, a revelation. Has the counterculture feel of a late-1960s US campus hit - something by Vonnegut or Pynchon or Wolfe. Genuinely interesting and exhilarating...Will appeal to fans of David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas". Clever and extremely enjoyable". ("Guardian"). "Dizzying scope...It is a testament to Kunzru's ability as a writer that "Gods Without Men" presents so many characters sketched so vividly". ("New Statesman"). "The literary skills of Hari Kunzru are evident throughout this complex and disturbing novel...Careful readers will find Kunzru himself is something of a trickster".
(Annie Proulx, "Financial Times"). "Consistently atmospheric, richly detailed...For all the wit, this is a dark portrait of modern morals...Kunzru tenderly teases out the humanity, to powerful emotional effect' GQ 'Smartly sharp social detail, high-fidelity dialogue, vivid evocation of place ...ironic wit and exuberant guyings of paranormal gobbledegook". ("The Sunday Times"). Hari Kunzru is the author of "The Impressionist", "Transmission", "My Revolutions" and the short story collection, "Noise". He has won the Somerset Maugham, British Book and Betty Trask awards. Granta named him one of the best young British novelists in 2003. He has written for "The New York Times", "Guardian", "New Yorker", "Washington Post", "Times of India", "Wired" and "New Statesman".
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