Have You Seen Me?
by Kate White
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On a cold, rainy morning, finance journalist Ally Linden arrives soaked to the bone at her Manhattan office, only to find that she’s forgotten her keycard. When her boss shows, he’s shocked to see her—
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It's a very intriguing and engaging novel of suspense. At the end, the answer to Ally Linden's forgotten 48 hours is seemingly not just due to one person or one incident but a combination of things, quite complicated. It's certainly gripping and I was hooked around 1/3 of the novel and quickly finished it off after that. The last 10 pages is a bit anticlimactic because I was expecting another unexpected revelation or betrayal of some sorts (e.g. from Gabby !). It turned out that Ally wandering in East Village around that Wed. afternoon was just trying to look for what she really wanted to be in her life. Nevertheless, the author has not really explained why Ally ended up in Greenbacks that Thursday morning at the beginning of the novel and left the readers to rationalize.

The novel makes the readers suspect kind of everybody around Ally ! Her husband, Hugh, has been the no.1 suspect but at the end, Hugh wasn't really the worst or most guilty person though he's been dishonest. Occasionally, I have wondered whether the therapist (Dr. Elaine Erling) could be hiding something but there was no way that I could have guessed what had really happened :-)

Apart from the last 10 pages or so, the novel of suspense has been great that the secret is hidden from the readers until the end and the readers want to find out what the secret really is ! It's certainly a good piece of entertainment in terms of a novel of suspense. The only thing that can be better is probably that in the story, there was no sense of urgency for Ally to find out what happened to her lost 48 hours immediately. The readers might not feel any difference if the "discovery" were to be delayed by a day or week or even months. This is probably a minor deduction from the maximal suspenseful sensation possible (in my stupid opinion) :-)

p.61 (5th line from the bottom), Ally shared with Dr. Erling "what Hugh revealed about my call to him" (during the forgotten two days). The problem is that there is no mention of Ally calling Hugh during those two days in the entire book. I guess this could refer to something in the author's earlier version of the novel and the author hasn't managed to delete this line in the published version ?!

p.37 (6th line), "... it now it rears its head ..." should have only one "it". p.341 (1st line), I think "again" in the sentence "My heart slams again my chest" should be "against".