by Daniel Quinn
Winner of the 1992 Turner Tomorrow Fellowship, Ishmael is a unique and captivating novel that has earned a large and passionate following among readers and critics worldwide. One of the most beloved and bestselling novels of spiritual adventure ever published, it is the story of a man who emb... More

Jesus Ortega Segura's Review

Jesus Ortega SeguraJesus Ortega Segura wrote a review
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Philosophical novel where Daniel Quinn explores the idea of civilization and its relationship to sustainability, ethics and, in general, the prospects of survival for life on earth itself. Using the style of a socratic dialogue, the author transcribes the supposed dialogue between a human interested in finding out how to save the world and a gorilla which leads his development, questioning the very foundations of human civilization. Daniel Quinn clearly defends the view that the culprit of today's problems is not so much capitalism (or any other particular form of social or economic organization) as civilization itself. In opposition to this, he defends the sort of tribal societies that predated civilization, therefore placing himself (and the book) in the tradition of Green Anarchism or Anarcho-Primitivism that is usually identified with John Zerzan, for example.

"Ishmael" is actually a very good read. It is relatively entertaining (if you care about these issues, of course), and poses plenty of good questions that we normally overlook. It's good food for thought.