It's Mine!
by Leo Lionni
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Caldecott Medalist Leo Lionni's classic tale about three childlike frogs who learn a valuable lesson about cooperation is now available in paperback.  

Anniechan66 's Review

Anniechan66 Anniechan66 wrote a review
"Stay out of the pond!" yelled Milton. "The water
is mine!"
"Get off the island!" shouted Rupert. "The earth is mine."
"The air is mine!" screamed Lydia as she leaped
to catch a butterfly. And so it went...

這本繪本藉由三隻青蛙Milton、Rupert及Lyndia之間的互動,敘述這三隻青蛙如何從以自我為中心的"It's mine!"到領悟自己和別人之間在許多方面都是息息相關,互動頻繁,應相互包容與共享資源的學習歷程。當能了解"It's ours!"的歡欣感受時,正是享受人際互動的和諧感!

很適合用來教所有代名詞 (mine、ours),繪本的內容中重述It's/ mine!這個句型,令人印象深刻。


One day a large toad appeared before them.
"I live on the other side of the island," he said, "but I can hear you shouting "It's mine! It's mine! It's mine!" all day long. There is no peace because of your endless bickering. You can't go on like this!"...

There was only one rock left and there the frogs huddled, trembling from cold and fright. But they felt better now that they were together; sharing the same fears and hopes.