Lo strano caso del cane ucciso a mezzanotte
by Mark Haddon
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )(17,105)
Questo è un giallo diverso da tutti gli altri. L'investigatore è Christopher Boone, ha quindici anni e soffre della sindrome di Asperger, una forma di autismo. Christopher ha un rapporto molto problematico con il mondo. Capisce tutto di matematica e pochissimo degli esseri umani. Odia il giallo e il... More

piper's Review

piperpiper wrote a review
sorry for any errors but I'm not English
I loved this book, it is true that writing is not the easiest, but enriches the vocabulary and at the same time makes you think, many times the books are read in a superficial way and doing so it is obvious that you will not understand anything.
This book deals with profound and meaningful issues.
I do not understand people who advise against it because of the presence of bad words, nowadays the bad words are used frequently and you are shocked if they are present in a book? Even those make us understand how our society is today.
I am against bad words because I do not find the need to use them, but also to advise against a book for this? If they were not used so often I could understand it but it is not so unfortunately. I highly recommend this book especially to the generations who now believe they have already understood their whole life when they were born from 2 days to moments.