Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare
Two young lovers, Claudio and Hero, are about to be married, but the devious scheming of a resentful Prince looks set to thwart the nuptials. Meanwhile, marriage seems inconceivable for reluctant lovers Beatrice and Benedick, whose constant witty sparring threatens to keep them apart for ever. The ... More

Robot-mel's Review

Robot-melRobot-mel wrote a review
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So I bought a copy of the script when I was at the play as I thought it'd be nice to read before going and seeing it again. I don't normally like to read Shakespeare plays, I much prefer to see them live. But as I was seeing this one twice I thought it would be ok. I have to say I didn't get much out of reading the script. There is just SO much in the way the actors deliver their lines and the way they move on stage, so that 2 pages may take 1 minute to read but 5 minutes when seeing live. There was nothing in the way of stage directions. It would be interesting to compare with an original version of the script to see how much had been changed (and I think there was quite a bit). But definitely not a version that should be read instead of the original. But for those who went and loved the show it's a great souvenir and a great way to remember what you saw. Though it is made incredibly poorly, cheap paper and a glued spine that feels it could give any minute. Still I will try to get mine signed anyway...