by Zadie Smith
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"NW" is Zadie Smith's masterful novel about London life. Zadie Smith's brilliant tragi-comic "NW" follows four Londoners - Leah, Natalie, Felix and Nathan - after they've left their childhood council estate, grown up and moved on to different lives. From private houses to public parks, at work and a... More

catecate's Review

catecatecatecate wrote a review
Earlier this year, I read "White teeth" by the same author. I am not sure why, but the book had been sitting on my nightstand for years - literally. When I finally got to it, it was a complete revelation. Zadie Smith struck me as an incredibly talented story teller, with the ability of giving a voice to incredibly well-crafted characters that come alive page after page. Truth is, when I read a book that good, I am always scared of reading another book by the same author. The bar is set pretty high at that point, and possible delusion is magnified. Well, it was such a great pleasure that Smith's 2013 novel is such a great, brilliant, outstanding work. Read it!