O presidente desapareceu
by Bill Clinton, James Patterson
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O Presidente dos EUA desapareceu. O mundo está em choque! Mas a razão do seu desaparecimento é ainda pior do que seria de supor. Com pormenores que só um Presidente como Bill Clinton pode conhecer e o suspense que apenas um autor como James Patterson seria capaz de criar, "O Presidente desapareceu" é o thriller mais empolgante e surpreendente dos últimos anos.

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Kin YipKin Yip wrote a review
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While reading this novel, I believe many people like me have been wondering how much of the book was actually written by Bill Clinton. At least, to me, it's not easy to tell whether the paragraphs I was reading was written by Clinton or Patterson. On the other hand, it's interesting that J. Patterson has had many co-authors for many novels bearing his names. In those novels, typically, one'd think that the younger author had written most of the materials and Patterson's name was there to sell more books. I saw a reader commenting in amazon that Patterson might have written 95% of the novel :-) If that's real or anything close to it, this co-authored novel of Patterson's is different from others that Patterson has co-authored.

Though the authors have tried to make us think that the Vice-President was the one who had betrayed, I've suspected Carolyn Brock at a very early stage, simply because there was no reason why President Duncan could eliminate her from suspicion and the authors seemed to want us not to consider her as a candidate for the traitor.

Though near the end, the internet "Dark Age" disaster was avoided by the clichéd scenario, i.e., typing in the correct password almost at the last second to stop the complete erase, we soon learnt that the President already knew and used this password from Nina's text message found in her phone, and the nervous scene was created just to get the traitor to reveal or lead them to the password. That's earned the novel slightly a higher mark.

Page 59 (the last 3 lines) has "A sanctimonious, sneering one-liner, no matter how bogus, is seen as straight talk, while a calm, well-argued response is seen as canned and phony." This has immediately made me feel that Bill Clinton (wrote this and) is contrasting Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump :-) Another place that was obviously written by Clinton was the speech given to the joint session of the Congress in the second last chapter of the novel (Chapter 128, p.500-508). Otherwise, what else could has Clinton written, right ?! :-) :-) :-) This could have been a speech given by a President of the Democratic Party at this particular moment of US history. The content like 'Our democracy cannot survive its current downward drift into tribalism, extremism, and seething resentment. Today it's "us versus them" in America. Politics is little more than blood sport.' (lines 15-18 on p.504) reflects the everyday politics and what have been talked about in TV and other media.

Overall, this is a very entertaining and "edge of the seat" conventional thriller novel. Bill Clinton adds some political views in the novel but those ingredients are not critically important in the story and are merely decoration or enhancement. Therefore, this novel is more like a book by Patterson, rather than Clinton.