Man, Interrupted
by James Bailey
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"Man, Interrupted" is the true story of one man's experiences as a sufferer of severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Jim Bailey's obsessions centred around drugs and his fear of coming into contact with them, through people spiking his food, by accidentally touching a junkie, or even just touching a photograph of an marijuana leaf. After a period of trying desperately to cope with his illness, he was admitted to one of America's leading psychiatric hospitals. The myriad methods of treatment there included trips to greet drug addicts and homeless people in an attempt to expose him to his fears and eradicate his anxiety. It is testimony to Bailey's indomitable spirit that he is now able to see the absurdity of many of the situations in which he found himself. "Man, Interrupted" gives a glimpse into the tortured world of a man suffering from what is an increasingly common disorder. But far from being a doom-laden account of mental illness, the result is uniquely revealing hilariously entertaining and wonderfully rewarding.

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