Planet of the Damned - The Original Classic Edition
by Harry Harrison
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This was the first science fiction book I read as a kid (too many years ago than I care to count) and it stimulated my interest in the genre. Planet of the Damned is classic science fiction and a coming of age story. The hero, Brion, is a young man given his first opportunity to prove his worthiness by trying to save Dis, a horrible planet that seems hell bent on self destruction. Harrisons imagination fills the page with sweeping scenery. It is proof that epic science fiction does not need to go one for many volumes ala L. Ron Hubbard.

This book blends action with Harrisons humor and inventiveness.The book vividly depicts a mans search for an answer to a planets mystery. From start to finish this book is interesting. If you like science fiction this book is for you! The way Harrison describes the characters,the story,and the planet is remarkable!

This is a must-have!

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