Running Mac OS X Panther by James Duncan Davidson
Running Mac OS X Panther by James Duncan Davidson

Running Mac OS X Panther

by James Duncan Davidson
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Apple® has shown no mercy to the Macintosh® power user---that dedicated individual who knows their Mac® inside and out: what makes it tick, and what makes it tick better. In the rapid evolution of Mac OS® X, there have been three major releases, and each new release challenges the power user to once more stay ahead of the learning curve. Mac OS X Panther is no exception to that rule. With more than 100 new features, including a new Finder, Expos , FileVault, and an improved BSD Unix core, there's plenty here to master. Fortunately, power users have a secret weapon in Running Mac OS X Panther. This book takes readers deep inside Mac OS X's core, revealing the inner workings of Panther for those who want to get the most out of their system. Running Mac OS X Panther is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife™ for power users who want to customize, tweak, and generally rev up their Mac. The easy-to-follow format is organized into three primary parts:
  • Getting Started introduces you to Mac OS X--where it came from, how it's put together, and how it works
  • Administration Essentials gives you the tools you need to examine how your system is running and adjust all the knobs behind its operation
  • Networking and Network Services covers all the ways Mac OS X interfaces with the world around it, including wireless and spontaneous networking
Developer Tools, including Xcode, for Mac OS X are discussed throughout the book where needed to accomplish the task at hand. The appendices that follow include handy quick reference materials for things such as Open Firmware. Written for readers who are inquisitive and confident enough to dig into their Macintosh system, Running Mac OS X Panther doesn't waste time talking about silly Finder tips or glossing over the messier details. This book dives right in and explains how your Mac works. You may not be a Mac guru when you start this book, but once you've read it, you'll be well on your way.
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