by Charlie Fletcher
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Deep in the City something has been woken, so old that people have been walking past it for centuries without giving it a second look!' When George breaks the dragon's head outside the Natural History Museum he awakes an ancient power. This prehistoric beast, sentry-still for centuries, hunts him down with a terrifying wrath. And this is just the beginning! The taints and spits -- statues with opposing natures -- are warring forces; wreaking deadly havoc on the cities landscape. The World War One gunner offers protection of sorts; and the wisdom of the Sphinx is legendary. But George and his companion Edie are trapped in a world of danger. And worse -- they are quite alone. The rest of London is oblivious to their plight. This epic adventure exposes forces long-dormant in the fabric of London. After entering its richly original and breathtaking world, the city streets and skyline will never again seem the same!

SAAS MS's Review

SAAS MSSAAS MS wrote a review
filled with adventure...
I would recommend this book because it is filled with adventure, was an easy read, and best of all, this book always kept me in suspense to find out the ending of each chapter, whether the outcome was good or bad.