The A.B.C. Murders
by Agatha Christie
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A is for Ascher, cudgeled in Andover. B is for Barnard, strangled in Bexhill. C is for Clarke, struck down in Churston. Beside each body is an A.B.C. Railway guide; before each murder Hercule Poirot is notified. In one of Christie’s most twisted tales, the meticulous Belgian sleuth must navigate the... More

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This book is in a way quite different from the other Christie books that I've read. The major part of this book is more on the profiling side. The story starts with a letter sent to Poriot challenging him about his ability to solve mystery crimes. Then series of murders occured after each letter which leads the police and Poriot to think if there was a cold-blood murder who kill for fun and not for personal gain. During the course of inverstigation, various people of interest were intrduced and gathered together in the effort of catching the killer. However, Poriot asked the most important question right from the start and in the end it did prove that his haunch was correct.
I always enjoy reading Chrstie's novels since they always allows to do my own detective work along with it. I had a great time reading this book and was pround to say that I solve the mystery too.