The Cockroach
by Ian McEwan
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Brexit is a laugh, but 'The Cockroach' doesn't make up for it
Unlike Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", McEwan's protagonist Sams is not a human being transmuted into an insect but a cockroach who has taken over the body of the prime minister of the UK. The room in which he awakes is in 10 Downing Street. This satirical novella on Brexit talks about the PM's cabinet, which is mostly made up of cockroaches in human form. The first part of the novella is witty, comical, and very well written. However, McEwan seems to be lacking the brilliant ideas he would need to get away with it. The two groups of antagonists in “The Cockroach” are not Leavers and Remainers but Clockwisers and Reversalists, the formers the èlite, the latter the populists. The novella ends up lacking character and grip. It started off well, it ended up being a bit boring.