The Dinner
by Herman Koch
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An evening in Amsterdam and two couples meet for dinner. They need to discuss their teenage sons. The boys have committed a horrifying act, caught on CCTV. They remain unidentified - except by their parents. How far will each couple go to protect their child?

Barbara ABP's Review

Barbara ABPBarbara ABP wrote a review
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Personally, for me, reading this book was a complete waste of time (read during a sleepless night). The general topic was already known and of not interest to me. The developing of the plot is terribly boring with a dysfunctional father figure being depicted by his personal memories during an annoying description of the dinner (restaurant and each course). It is not about actually teenagers with problems, but parents with problems and a society who do not have the courage to protect people in the name of “fair correctness” (a person with a disorder who can become dangerous should be restricted no matter what… ). The craziness of the story is that the one who should be in an asylum is the leading character who succeeds at the end of the story with his hypocrite wife. The figure of a politician who wanted to report his son for committing a crime and giving up his political career on the contrary seems to be the only to blame. I know a lot of people who justify everything as long as it comes to their own benefit, so I was only bored by this reading about people and society hypocrisy.