The Environment and the Law by Martin Polden, Simon Jackson
The Environment and the Law by Martin Po...
The Environment and the Law by Martin Polden, Simon Jackson
The Environment and the Law by Martin Po...

The Environment and the Law

A Practical Guide
by Martin Polden, Simon Jackson
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Drawing upon their experience with the Environmental Law Foundation, the authors of this book have pooled their wide-ranging skills to produce an invaluable handbook specifically designed to help practitioners advise and prepare cases for individuals and communities faced with environmental problems.Packed with problem solving advice, the book: sets out the statutory framework and explains the duties and powers of statutory and non-statutory bodies carries out a detailed review of the use of common law in environmental cases reviews the role of planning and land use and the law of authorisations for discharges into the environment explains the application of criminal sanctions looks at the role of the EU in environmental law * devotes a chapter to the practical application of environmental remedies, common law, judicial review, statutory nuisance and prosecutions includes an invaluable chapter on the use of a wide range of extra-legal remedies including working with MPs, local politicians and statutory authorities, together with advice on how to best use the media considers in detail the role of experts, how to work with them, basic science of each of the environmental media, and how to acquire environmental information * concludes with a chapter on costs and funding cases, and advice on organisation where resources are limited The multi-disciplinary approach of ELF has resulted in a new concept for practitioners involved in environment problem solving.
By building on the four classical elements the book offers a holistic approach important to the new generation of practitioner.'Although the target audience for this book is the environmentalist, corporate managers - whether in-house legal, regulatory compliance, or risk oriented - who face potential environmental actions, should read this book." OGLTR * designed to help practitioners prepare cases on behalf of individuals or communities faced with environmental problems * sets out statutory framework and explains roles and powers of statutory bodies and agencies * provides pointers as to potential funding for cases * instructs on the use of experts and how to obtain further information, for example from public registers * highlights the various common law aspects, including remedies available * explains the impact of criminal law
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