The Memory Keeper's Daughter
by Kim Edwards
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From Publishers Weekly
Edwards's assured but schematic debut novel (after her collection, The Secrets of a Fire King) hinges on the birth of fraternal twins, a healthy boy and a girl with Down syndrome, resulting in the father's disavowal of his newborn daughter. A snowstorm immobilizes Lexington, Ky., in 1964, and when young Norah Henry goes into labor, her husband, orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Henry, must deliver their babies himself, aided only by a nurse. Seeing his daughter's handicap, he instructs the nurse, Caroline Gill, to take her to a home and later tells Norah, who was drugged during labor, that their son Paul's twin died at birth. Instead of institutionalizing Phoebe, Caroline absconds with her to Pittsburgh. David's deception becomes the defining moment of the main characters' lives, and Phoebe's absence corrodes her birth family's core over the course of the next 25 years. David's undetected lie warps his marriage; he grapples with guilt; Norah mourns her lost child; and Paul not only deals with his parents' icy relationship but with his own yearnings for his sister as well. Though the impact of Phoebe's loss makes sense, Edwards's redundant handling of the trope robs it of credibility. This neatly structured story is a little too moist with compassion.
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不存在的女兒心得 作文
故事中的大衛因為覺得她對她的 女兒有愧疚所以就拍攝了女嬰及少女的照片,彷彿女兒就在他身邊成長一樣,但我覺得這樣是不夠的,我覺得應該要把女兒留下來照顧,雖然在帶的過程中有許多的困難與痛苦,但是也有許多的歡笑與喜樂,就像卡洛琳說的:「你逃過了很多心痛,減少了很多負擔,但你也錯過了無數的歡樂。」
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