The Secret Lore of London
The Secret Lore of London

The Secret Lore of London

Curated by John Matthews, Caroline Wise, Preface by Iain Sinclair
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With a foreword by Iain Sinclair.
London is an ancient city, whose foundation dates back literally thousands of years into the legendary prehistory of these islands. Not surprisingly it has accumulated a large number of stories, both historic and mythical, during this period, many of which, though faithfully recorded at the time, have lain almost forgotten in dusty libraries throughout the city.
The Secret Lore of London is a guide to the legends, including a discussion of their importance as part of the oral tradition of Britain, combining Prehistoric, Celtic, Arthurian, Roman, Saxon and Norman levels - each of which has contribut,ed to the many-layered life of the city.
The first part contains a unique selection of essays (some printed here for the first time) by experts in their fields, each of whom possesses a unique interest in the legends of these islands, and who have written widely on associated themes.
The second part of the book will consist of a Gazetteer of the sites mentioned which are still in existence, together with various other sites of associated interest, compiled by the Editor, the contributors, and members of the London Earth Mysteries Group. This part will be fully updated and extended to include many more sites.
The result is a wide ranging and wholly fascinating book, with wide sales application possible. A series of appendixes will include William Stukley's extraordinary document The Brill, which relates to the ancient prehistoric sites around the area of present day St. Pancras, and excerpts from some of the best known 19th and early 20th century works on Legendary London by Lewis Spence and Harold Bayley
Contributors to the book are: Nigel Pennick, John Matthews, Caroline Wise, Caitlín Matthews, Carol Clancy, R.J. Stewart, Bernard Nesfield-Cookson, Gareth Knight, Robert Stephenson, Geraldine Beskin, Chesca Potter, William Stukeley, Lewis Spence, Harold Bayley, Alan V. Insole, Ross Nichols.
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