The Valuation of Technology by F. Peter Boer
The Valuation of Technology by F. Peter Boer

The Valuation of Technology

Business and Financial Issues in R&D (Operations Management Series)
by F. Peter Boer
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"The Valuation of Technology is a timely and thoughtful book on a critical issue in the global business arena. Peter Boer's insights constitute important reading for leaders in all fields."-Jeffrey E. Garten, Dean, Yale School of Management

"The Valuation of Technology fills a critical void for those executives who wish to upgrade technology decision making from an art to a more definable science."-George B. Rathmann, Chairman and CEO, ICOS Corporation

Technology valuation has replaced risk management as the management approach to analyzing the profitability of current and future technology projects. The Valuation of Technology: Business and Financial Issues in R&D explores the link between research and development and shareholder value in a comprehensive way, providing mathematical models for the valuation of R&D projects and answering critical questions on how to analyze technology initiatives and forecast their future value. This professional reference creates a common language for understanding the financial issues relating to R&D and provides analytical tools that businesspeople, scientists, and engineers can use to assess new technologies, R&D projects, and R&D budgets-thereby facilitating communication and producing more enlightened decisions. It also identifies several common fallacies in performing valuation of technology-based properties, including adding together enterprises with different time horizons and failing to recognize the value of risk-minimization strategies.

Among the many remarkable features of The Valuation of Technology:
* Offers quick, easy models for technology valuation that readers can use immediately
* Includes a method for the quantitative valuation of technology projects and shows readers how to build a project spreadsheet and assign value to research projects
* Comes with a disk containing templates for a selection of mathematical models provided in the book
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