The Violinists Thumb by Sam Kean
The Violinists Thumb by Sam Kean
The Violinists Thumb by Sam Kean
The Violinists Thumb by Sam Kean

The Violinists Thumb

And Other Extraordinary True Stories as Written by Our DNA
by Sam Kean
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The story of human DNA has a valid claim to being the greatest story ever told. It goes back across the aeons to the primordial soup where life first began and takes us through every stage of evolution to the present, as well as posing urgent questions about humanity's future. Indeed in many ways, it can be said that mankind's biggest triumph is to have survived long enough to be able to tell this story at all. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Sam Kean tells this story with brilliance and humour. By telling the very personal stories of the people who have helped solve the mysteries of DNA stage by stage, he leads us through the complexities of such vast subjects as genetic theory, the mechanics of natural selection and the origins of life itself. Along the highly entertaining way, we discover myriad gripping facts - did you know that in DNA terms we are 8 per cent virus? Or that DNA may be able to explain why some people like cats and crashing motorbikes? "The Violinist's Thumb" is structured so that each chapter provides the answer to one mystery. Some are relatively recent - such as how humans acquired language or 'beat' the Neanderthals.
Some reach back even further into our genetic past. By turns fascinating, hilarious and gob-smacking, this is a book which will change the way you see yourself and the world around you.
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Jul 5, 2012


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