Traditional African Recipes by Rosamund Grant
Traditional African Recipes by Rosamund ...
Traditional African Recipes by Rosamund Grant
Traditional African Recipes by Rosamund ...

Traditional African Recipes

70 Authentic Dishes from All Over Africa Adapted for the Western Kitchen - All Shown Step by Step in 300 Simple-to-follow Photographs
by Rosamund Grant
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This title features 70 authentic dishes from all over Africa adapted for the Western kitchen - all shown step by step in 300 simple-to-follow photographs. It offers the best of Africa's unique cuisine, with traditional dishes, from Morocco to Mozambique, and from Tunisia's desert north to the green veldt of South Africa. It contains a wealth of information on typical ingredients, as well as helpful hints and tips that give an insight into the culinary background, making the book a superb source of ideas for beginners and experienced cooks alike. Enticing fish, poultry and meat dishes include Fish and Okra Soup, Duck with Sherry and Pumpkin, Tanzanian Fish Curry, and Spiced Fried Lamb. All the recipes have all been carefully adapted for modern kitchens, and are shown step by step in over 300 sizzling photographs. No other continent but Africa can boast such a rich and varied range of cooking styles, reflecting diverse cultural influences and an exotic blend of aromatic ingredients. The authentic tastes of this great land are brought together in an exciting collection of traditional African recipes.
The chapters range from delicious hot and spicy appetizers to refreshing fruit desserts, and include tasty soups and snacks, salads, hearty traditional stews, and rich poultry and fish dishes. There are also recipes using the wide range of vegetables, beans and fruit that are available across Africa. This is an exciting, inspiring and practical cookbook, with recipes that are as easy to cook as they are authentic.
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