by Philip K. Dick

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pinnegiallepinnegialle wrote a review
Philip K. Dick himself admitted he didn't undestand at all 'Ubik'. He didn't expect it was going to be so much considered by his readers and definitely one of his most considered and influential opera during the years. We're in the North American Confederation in 1992, psi phenomena are common, the people who dies they are kept in a state of half-life (a form of cryonic suspension), after an explosion Joe Chip started misteriously shifting backward in time. Who and/or what's 'Ubik'? A spray can-metaphor for God which gave to people the power to understand who and where they are and how to survive and keep on living their own life. Influenced by acid psychedelia and probably written under the usage of LSD, 'Ubik' it is an opera which has possibly no time and that refuges from all the kind of possible definition. The same of the world in which the plot is set.