Who Benefits from Global Violence and War by Jennifer Achord Rountree, Marc Pilisuk
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Who Benefits from Global Violence and War by Jennifer Achord Rountree, Marc Pilisuk

Who Benefits from Global Violence and War

Uncovering a Destructive System
by Jennifer Achord Rountree, Marc Pilisuk
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Military, economic, and environmental violence in the era of globalisation cause immense suffering and may ultimately threaten the existence of life as we know it. However, the author of this work explains that the future can change if we understand and act upon the roots of violence. He explains how most violence is the product of a human-built social order in which some people and institutions control most of the resources, make the decisions that necessitate violence, and operate with minimal accountability. The common root of war, poverty, environmental destruction and other forms of violence is spotlighted. Such violence, says the author, is a natural consequence of a system inordinately influenced by a relatively small, interconnected group of corporate, military and government leaders with the power to instill fear, to increase their excessive fortunes and to restrict information, particularly about their own clandestine dealings.This text includes scholarship hailing from across disciplines, combined with information from investigative journalism and insights from non-profit watchdog groups, all shedding light on centralised power and its effects.
The author presents material including the range of tactics used to manipulate and destroy adversaries, the human capacity to kill as a challenge, and how media is used by powerful groups to manipulate fear and maintain their power. Here readers find solid social science to support what whistle blowers and social critics are observing about a system that needs change.
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Dec 30, 2007



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