Rachelle Rosenberg

286 Books

Doctor strange vol. 2 by Mark Waid
L'immortale hulk vol. 4 by Al Ewing
Amazing spider-man vol. 5 by Keaton Patti, Nick Spencer, Zeb Wells
Man-eaters vol. 3 by Chelsea Cain
Spy Island 1 by Chelsea Cain, Lia Miternique
Agenti dell'Atlas vol. 1 by Greg Pak, Jeff Parker
The Last of Us by Faith Erin Hicks, Neil Druckmann
Vecchio Quill vol. 2 by Ethan Sacks
Incoming! n. 1
Legends of Marvel: Spiderman by Erik Larsen, Gerry Conway, Louise Simonson, Peter David, Ralph Macchio, Randy Schueller, Ron Frenz, Tom De Falco
Man-Eaters vol. 2 by Chelsea Cain
Deadpool vol. 11 by Gerry Duggan
Ghost Rider cosmico distrugge la storia marvel by Nick Giovannetti, Paul Scheer
Darth Vader #051 by Charles Soule, Simon Spurrier
Gli stupefacenti X-Men - Vita di X
Man-eaters vol. 1 by Chelsea Cain
L'ordine nero by Derek Landy
Avengers / Champions by Mark Waid
Infinity Wars vol. 11 by Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Gerry Duggan
Capitan America: Steve Rogers vol. 2 by Donny Cates, Nick Spencer