Shaoqiang Wang

86 Books

Redesigning logos by Shaoqiang Wang
Urban interventions. Design ideas for the public space by Shaoqiang Wang
Optimum type. Custom typography design and application
Dinner time. New restaurant interior design
Typography for screen. Type in motion
Indie Type. Typefaces and creative font application in design
Page Design. New layout and editorial design by Shaoqiang Wang
Responsive logos. Designing for the digital world by Shaoqiang Wang
Fiesta. Branding and identity for festivals by Shaoqiang Wang
Playful data. Graphic design and Illustration for infographics
Ingenious. Product design that works by Shaoqiang Wang
Scripted. Custom lettering in graphic design by Shaoqiang Wang
Look at me. New poster design by Shaoqiang Wang
Motion Graphics. 100 design projects you can't miss
Makers Ware by Shaoqiang Wang
Infographics. Designing & visualizing data by Shaoqiang Wang
Simplicity. The charm of minimalism. Ediz. inglese, spagnola e francese
Unpack me again! Packaging meets creativity. Ediz. inglese, spagnola e francese
Shapes. Geometric figures in graphic design