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Destini Erdman

I am an art manager and creative professional with over a decade of experience in the arts and culture industry. I currently work with an art gallery in Tampa Florida where I oversee the work of the gallery and help promote the gallery's artists and their work. I grew up in Tampa Florida and have been inspired by the art world since childhood. After graduating from college, I moved to Los Angeles and started working in the film and television industry, focusing on storyboarding, concept art, and set design. Opened his own art studio. I have worked with a range of clients, from individuals to large corporations. I am an avid artist, in my free time I like to draw and paint. I draw inspiration from my travels to new places and from the work of famous artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.
Jan 9, 1991
Tampa, FL, United States

Anobian since Jan 22, 2023

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