Liposomes by Danilo D. Lasic
Liposomes by Danilo D. Lasic


From Physics to Applications
by Danilo D. Lasic
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After their discovery, liposomes rapidly spread into various sciences and applications. This volume critically reviews the applications of liposomes, including theoretical physics, chemistry, energy conversion, ecology, genetic engineering, food industry, cosmetics and medicine, as well as their characteristics and properties. It presents recent developments, such as Stealth liposomes (which are invisible to the immune system and have shown encouraging results in cancer therapy). Rather than being presented in a "catalogue" style, the data is logically explained, and fundamental models and mechanisms are reviewed and proposed. All of the seemingly unrelated phenomena in various methods and applications are defined using simple laws of physics, chemistry and biology. The volume should be of use to pharmacists and pharmacologists, as well as to all those involved in liposome research.