HTML Mastery by Paul Haine
HTML Mastery by Paul Haine

HTML Mastery

Semantics, Standards, and Styling
by Paul Haine
Why settle for average HTML, when you can become a master of it? Markup is the fabric that holds the web together, but most people only scratch the surface of what can be achieved using (X)HTML.

That's where this unique book comes in—it's aimed at web designers and developers who have already mastered the basics of HTML and web design, but want to take their markup further, making it leaner and more semantically rich, for a more efficient, more usable/accessible web site.

HTML Mastery does all that and more, showing all of the HTML tags available, including less commonly used ones, where and how to use them, and clever styling and scripting techniques that you can employ to take advantage of them on your web site. It is totally standards compliant, up to date with modern web design techniques. Forms and tables are looked in particular detail, as there is so much that can be done with them.

In addition, the book also looks at some of the advanced semantic tools that look to further improve the usability and semantic value of your sites—an entire chapter is devoted to Microformats, and a nod is given to XHTML 2.0 and Web Applications 1.0—web standards of the future.

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Using the Right Tag for the Right Job

Chapter 3: Table Mastery

Chapter 4: Form Mastery

Chapter 5: Purpose-Built Semantics: Microformats and Other Stories

Chapter 6: Recognizing Semantics

Chapter 7: Looking Ahead: XHTML 2.0 and Web Applications 1.0

Appendix A: XHTML As XML

Appendix B: Frames, and How to Avoid Them