The Fastner & Larson Gallery
by NA, Rich Larson, Steve Fastner
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The art team of Steve Fastner and Rich Larson have been creating incredible images of fantasy art in blazing color long before the advent of computers and digital sleight-of-hand. They're proudly "old-school", bringing to life amazing illustrations using nothing but a limitless imagination and an overworked airbrush! Here are a pair of brilliant artists who are long overdue a full color compendium of their paintings, so it's with some excitement and anticipation that an oversized tome of their work is finally here! Containing over 100 exquisitely reproduced creations, the Fastner & Larson Gallery is truly a fantasy fan's collection of "well-armed and scantily-clad naughty warrior maidens" dream come true! Steve and Rich's delightful and decadent take on all things "saucy" has long been a source of wry smiles and wicked thoughts - now you can see in glorious detail why!

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