Bel Vino
by Isabella Dusi
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In this sequel to Vanilla Beans & Brodo, Isabella Dusi takes us back to the medieval Tuscan village of Montalcino as she unravels the secrets of its celebrated wine. Ten years ago, Isabella and Luigi Dusi left behind their old lives and found a new life in Montalcino, a village that has perched for centuries atop a hill in Tuscany. In Bel Vino, Isabella takes the reader on a winding journey to discover the true aristocratic origins of the world-renowned wine, Brunello di Montalcino, on whose vintage the fortunes of many of the Montalcinesi depend. Taking us through the seasons of the wine harvest, Dusi weaves a path that takes in the white-hooded monks who have lived in the Abbey of Sant' Antimo since 814; the harvesting of mushrooms, olives, grapes, and truffles; an archery contest where passions run high; and the fight to save a thousand-year-old church with no foundations. A leisurely exploration of a medieval Tuscan village, its people, and its fabled wine.

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