Dating for Men by Elsa Moreck
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Learn how to meet women and create healthy, lasting relationships Certified dating coach Elsa Moreck draws on her years of professional experience to offer an insider view of what women are really looking for in partners. You’ll find practical strategies to help you express your true self and flip the script on pickup artist trickery to make a real match. Dating for Men takes you through: Being your best—Start your dating journey right with strategies for making yourself more physically, mentally, and emotionally attractive and appealing. Every step of a relationship—Learn how to handle yourself during each and every part of the dating process, from first meetings and first dates to committed relationships. Sex and consent —Discover how to approach and initiate physical intimacy with a primer that helps you fully understand what consent entails and how it can be sexy. Get the advice you need to create a real romantic connection thanks to this insider guide.

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